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5 Yoga Myths Debunked

1) Yoga is just stretching. Boring. Furthermore, I am not flexible enough for yoga

It is more than just stretching in yoga practice. No doubt that the more advance poses requires a certain level of flexibility but in general, the practice of yoga, in its physical aspect, is more about being present and appreciation of the current state of the body.

Most yoga teachers give their upmost attention to every students body alignment, capabilities and limitations.

With sports science integration these days, most teachers usually will advise that it is not about how far one can bend backwards or fold forward but rather, practicing it safely.

2) Yoga is for women only

A misconception in the recent years but in fact, yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years. Long before internet was born, long before even Yoga Alliance was formed! It was used to be for men in those times. Though early yoga was focused on meditation, the likes of monks basically. Asana based, Hatha yoga, was originally practiced by a military yogic order. In fact, there is a huge growth of male yoga teachers worldwide! Often, their classes has a unique balance of flexibility, strength and confidence building poses that will challenge you in every angle.

3) All yoga teachers can cure illnesses, injuries or pains

We seek various from of remedies from our yoga teachers. To a certain degree there are various breathworks, poses, techniques and one got to agree that yoga has a lot of benefits, your yoga teacher is not a professionally trained medical expert. Unless of course if they are trained doctors. Seek a professional advice for your medical condition. They are doctors for a reason.

4) Yoga is a religion

A tricky subject that is worth exploring. A misconception worldwide. Originating from India, yoga has always been closely linked to Hinduism. The practice itself however, is not a religion. It is a concept complete with philosophy, meditation, breathing, lifestyle and yes, exercise. Personally, I never encountered any practice that is as holistic. There certainly is more than just the physical practice.

5) Yoga is too easy, I need tougher exercises

In the recent times, the types of physical yoga practices have evolved. Wide varieties ranging from traditional Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yang, “partner based” Acro Yoga, inversion focused, rocket yoga, HIIT yoga, yoga + calisthenics based and many others. The range are so diverse these days.

Regular or casual runners, climbers, weightlifters, soccer players, boxers, cyclists and if you are desk bound at work, there are yoga classes that supplements to counter bad posture and releases tension for tight muscles tissues.

6) I’m too old for yoga

Yoga is for all form of ages, genders and body types. Social media, unfortunately, do not do justice as most post are carefully curated for the young and skinny but it is not the usual case in a yoga studio. After teaching for awhile, I do have yogis that are in the age bracket of 50-70s. In fact, yoga practice addresses the stiffness of aging joints and muscles which benefits everyone.

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