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Fizzy is more than a handstand teacher. He somehow has the ability to impart the importance of quieting the mind while making jokes.The area that he teaches in, is clean and spacious. If you are looking to further your handstands journey , I think he is the one as his teaching encompasses not only knowledge but a sense of well-being without being tacky.


Fizzy is an incredible handstand teacher!! Everything is done for you to improve and enjoy the journey. His classes are so much fun and his cues are amazing. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced practitioner, Fizzy has your back :D

Josh Woodall

Fizzy is an excellent teacher. Every class is designed to bring your handstand practice to the next level, regardless of where you may be in your handstand journey. His pedagogy is based on years of advanced practice and a deep understanding of the human anatomy. Most of all, Fizzy has a “no holds barred” approach towards sharing his tips and tricks; he consistently delivers precise anatomical cues tailored to each participant to advance them in their practice. 10/10 wld recommend his classes!


Knowledgeable, patient & attentive coach. He structures my training taking into account my capability and goals, paying attention to my feedback. Each session is challenging yet uplifting. Highly recommended for beginners who need a firm foundation to seasonal practitioners looking to further their practice.

Janee Lim

Love training with Fizz. He's hard but dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. I went to Fizz wanting to master my handstand - it's taken a while to master through my fears but he has been diligent in chipping through them every week. He's a great friend too and look forward to hopefully doing more handstands together!

Sheila Chapman

Creating a practice unique to you, Fizzy’s private sessions are suited for both beginners and advanced practitioners. I’ve gained much improvement in my mobility and flexibility in the last months with Fizzy’s clear and accurate cues. Friendly and professional, precise and flexible: a perfect balance of great energy and calmness embodies what an amazing teacher Fizzy is!

Nurul Razali

Firstly thank you for being a great teacher and mentor, and a key part of my handstand/inversion journey! It is definitely good that you (somehow skillfully and gently!) push me to do my best! I have also had arm/shoulder issues (plus fears!) which I appreciate you have been patient with and you also switched up the classes, including to introduce other poses/exercises I didn’t know about, which I really enjoyed. The detailed q&a and photo feedback helps me learn (esp helpful for someone like me as I like details and analysing things!). Thanks for helping me grow!

Cathy Lee

Fizzy has been a really amazing coach. Patient, supportive and super inspiring. I have been taking handstand classes with him and he is ever so encouraging. Makes it seem possible for people of any age group. He is always cautious and looking out while at classes. And guides to ensure the correct technique is used. Not that I have learnt to finally handstand on my own but the training has benefited me in my core and back. It has been really fun and awesome journey with Fizzy.

PH Seah

Appreciate that you are ever so accommodating of our schedules and requests (things we can work on during class). Good balance of encouragement & tekan for us too, so we get a pat on the back and also reminded that we need to work harder. 🤣


Absolutely love Fizzy's classes! It is fun, full of energy and definitely one that you will want to go again. Fizzy is a dedicated instructor and definitely good at what he does. There is never a dull moment in his class.

Charlene Chan

Fizzy is an experience instructor who makes the classes fun. He is knowledgeable and tries to individualize his instructions to you. He always puts in effort to help you make improvements in your skills and movements. He is friendly yet professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Trevor Lim

Fizz is a great coach who creates an environment where you are tested and pushed to ensure you develop the skills needed. He also has this energy to make you want to keep going even when progress is slow or the session is hard. He changes things up constantly so it is never boring and also never easy.

Nicolette Joubert

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Inspiring Fitness

I’ve been a Yoga Instructor in Singapore since 2016. I believe living a life free of judgements, filled with joy and gratitude. These feelings not only guide me in my practice but also in my teaching which focuses on helping my students to remain calm in any uncomfortable situation and eventually achieve a better connection with their mind, body and their surroundings.

With handstands being the primary focus, various stretches will follow, allowing your body to enjoy the best of both world in this well balanced and intimate private session.


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'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.'


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If you are still thinking whether your core, arms or shoulders isn't strong enough, trust me, the biggest regret in a year time is that you didn't "act" a year ago.

Ask me anything.

Get in touch with me to learn more about classes/workshops and let's start exploring the world of upside down together!

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